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中京大学国際教養学部4年生演習3・4 (2021/2022)
火曜日2限 (10:45-12:15), online

異文化コミュニケーション(言語文化, only 30 characters, therefore only in Japanese)

授業概要/ Course Outline / Purpose

現代世界の大きな特色は、グローバリズムの進展と拡大です。環境問題、移民問題、経済協力等、様々な分野でグローバルなアプローチ が必要です。そ
One of the central features of our time is the increasing globalization. Environmental issues (e.g. global warming), migration or economic globalization can only be understood within a global framework. For the understanding of such a global framework the research of intercultural communication is essential. The class starts to develop their ideas in writing. 


> The students are able to express experiences about Intercultural Communication in language. 学生は異文化コミュニケーションについて経験が表せます。  (only summer term)
> The students read different texts about Intercultural Communication. 異文化コミュニケーションについて様々な文章を読みます。
> The students develop texts about Intercultural Communication. 学生は異文化コミュニケーションにつて文章を書き始まります。
> The students get an understanding of different genres (text-types) in Intercultural Communication..  学生は異文化コミュニケーションにつて様々なテキスト・タイプの理解ができます。
> The students experience the role of language in Intercultural Communication. 学生は異文化コミュニケーションの言語の大切な立場について理解ができます。 

授 業方法
> The students will start to think about their final thesis. The already written texts and also other experiences will be the basis for their final thesis. 学生は彼らの最終論文について考え始めるでしょう。すでに書かれたテキストと他の経験も彼らの最終論文の基礎になります。授業はオンライン(リアルタイ ム, ZOOM)で行います。The class will be online (via Zoom).
成 績評価方法・基準
授業の参加態度(40%) レポート(60%) (Summer term)
授業の参加態度(20%) レポート(80%)


Reading and writing (now a longer text) is important for the development of writing competence. The writing can be done in English or Japanese.  The texts will be discussed in class.

Comments to students 
授業はオンライン(リアルタイム, ZOOM)で行います。


The students should follow the news and learn about Intercultural Communication in various countries. 

オフィス アワー > online (via Skype) 
連絡先 > imigalexander  @  hotmail.com

後期2021/2022の授業 (fall term 2021) > lessons last year (2020) > lessons second year (2019/2020)
No. Datum
planned lesson content (English) 授業の内容 (日 本語) taught lesson content 宿題/ homework etc. /その他
1 21.9.2021 feedback (summer Hw), scheduling, MM, outline, introduction フィードバック(夏の宿題)、スケジュール,模擬卒業 (MM) coaching to 4 persons, 7 pers. handed in summer homework hw1 (until next weeek = outline)
hw2 (in 2 weeks, longer intro)
2 28.9.2021 Modell-(final).thesis (Intro of Projekt, Intro Writing, as 1. how-to) 文章のフィードバック coaching to 6 persons, 3 pers. handed in homework  hw2 (next week, longer intro)
3 5.10.2021 officiell structure of thesis 文章のフィードバック coaching to 3 persons, 6 pers. handed in homework (add. 2 via mail)  hw3 (until next weeek),  hw4 (in 2 weeks), both check of text
4 12.10.2021 structure & length of thesis 卒業文の形 coaching to 4 persons, 3 pers. handed in homework 文章のチェックと相談(日曜日まで)
5 19.10.2021 schedule until year end (Japanese) 卒論の相談・スケジュール coaching 1 person, another handed in homework 文章のアップロード (相談のために)
6 26.10.2021 text-talk  卒論文の相談 coaching 2 persons, 6 feedbacks for homework 文章のアップロード (相談のために)
7 2.11.2021 about time-line & Plagiarism (tutorial) 盗作について (Power Point), 盗用検出 Coaching 5 pers. 1 with previous upload (almost done) 文章のアップロード (相談のために)
8. 9.11.2021 text-talk  成績について, 就職活動 Coaching 2. pers., 4 written feedback (previous upload)  文章のアップロード (相談のために)
9. 16.11.2021 about grading ppt: 成績とスケジュールについて Coaching 2. pers., 2 written feedback 文章のアップロード (相談のために)
23.11.2021 holiday, but lesson will be opened 相談かいを開く (祭日のに) Coaching 4 Pers., 2 written  feedback 文章のアップロード (相談のために)
10. 30.11.2021 final check of text (for Japanese) 日本語のチェック Coaching 7 Pers., Extra on Friday  文章のアップロード (相談のために)
11. 7.12.2021 last lesson, before handing in 最後の相談会 lesson as planed 卒業文のアップロード (印刷のために)
12. 14.12.2021 hand in thesis: pring out in my office  卒業文の印刷 (要約が要る) lesson as planed
13. 21.12.2021 talk about graduation party, all upload  ゼミの卒業パーディーについて lesson as planed
14 11.1.2021 after graduation (1) lesson as planed
15 18.1.2021 after graduation (2) 

前期2021の授業 (spring term 2021)
No. Datum
planned lesson content (English) 授業の内容 (日 本語) taught lesson content 宿題/ homework etc. /その他
1 13.4.2021 feedback (oral & written) about students situation, lesson outline (1)
research: cultural change & media 
学生の状態, 自分の研究 ppt: Sem4y-1week, presentation & discussion in groups lesson outline & feedback about topic
2 20.4.2021 lesson outline (2), students-HW (ger).
censorship (film)
インタビュー (Wp&Kat),
ppt: Sem4y-1week (only short), talk in break out rooms about student projects  more about students topic (motivation)
3 27.4.2021 table with student topics, status report 活動の報告の紹介  individual coaching: Latin-Music, 異文化Komm  Hw = status report
4 11.5.2021 who is coming?, Interview  インタビュー (ppt) individual coaching: Film, beer Hw = status report
5 18.5.2021 Status report, individual coaching  学生と相談 (個人的に) individual coaching: welfare, emigrants Hw = status report
6 25.5.2021 Status report, individual coaching  学生と相談 (個人的に) individual coaching: Film & Hw = status report
7 1.6.2021 Status report, individual coaching  学生と相談 (個人的に) individual coaching: new topic for Job (real estate), English & intercultural comm. (not really specified)  Hw = status report
8 8.6.2021 forgotten war (NHK,E) , Japanese in Ph. (Wp), Lydia Yu-Jose (WpE), & 3 学生と相談 (個人的に) individual coaching: disability & Accessibility (WpE), Latin Music (genres) Hw = status report
9 15.6.2021 Outline, Tree structure, RQ (WpEnoJ) MindMeister (App) 小関ゼミ (論文集), クラフトビール (WpJ), マインドマイスター   individual coaching: New topic (culture of black americans), 日系人 (research issues, also Wp- topic) Hw = status report
10 22.6.2021 Mind Map, so for only in feedback and in direct instructions   MaNaBoのフィードバック (二人) no individual coaching: due to no students attending  Hw = status report
11 29.6.2021 Mind Map for all! Summer holiday1. mind-map (日系人), Power Point with instructions MaNaBoのフィードバック (二人) ラテン音楽 (mindmister, one student) Hw = status report&mind-map
12 6.7.2021 Mind Map for all! Summer holiday, Power Point with instructions MaNaBoのフィードバック (一人)とメール (MaNaBo) no individual coaching: due to no students attending  Hw = status report&mind-map
13 13.7.2021 Mind Map (= MM) for all! Summer holiday, Power Point with instructions, feedback table updated MaNaBoのフィードバック (一人)とメール (Hotmail, 二人とMaNaBo(一人) 3 students in direct talk Hw = status report&mind-map
14 20.7.2021 Power Point about Grading/MM (only 3 students no MM)  MaNaBoのフィードバック (二人)
成績について (Power Point)
mindmapping with one student Hw = status report&mind-map 
15 27.7.2021 Power Point about Grading/MM (only 1 student no MM, one no access)  MaNaBoのフィードバック (二人,前の同じ), 成績について (PP) mindmapping with 5 students (acc. to MaNaBo) Hw for summer holidays (夏休み宿題9月12まで)