writing-research Links (LinguaMoodle, 9.4.2020) 

Research Links

conference (2021)  > Refernces (pdf-download in preparation)

Links: CEFR-Japan
(Jalt, CEFR & LP SIG, about this project = Kaken 4),  Resarch-funding (Kaken),  
Lesson pages: Course 2019, Course 2018 (Linguamoodle) 

writing Networks

Writing Centers (International Writing Centers Association, with Writing Centers Journal, not open source, "Peer review" is open source)

Journal of writing research (open source Journal, full acsess), Journal of Academic Writing (open source) 

WAC Clearinghouse (open access books about writing & Composition)

NU-Ideas (Nagoya University Writing Center, about writing in 5 Languages: Englisch, French. Chinese, German and Japanese)

Genre across Borders (GXB)

Presentations & Material

Mai-Dai Presentation (Feb. 2019)

CEFR + Writing (Malaysia 2018)

CEFR & Rhetoric (PanSig 2016)