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Links for the presentation of A. IMIG:

An EIL-informed CEFR for Academic writing in the APAC-Region

Homepage of the CEFR & LP SIG (JALT, Japan with further Links)                                                                   download of References (pdf of 29/10/2018)

CEFR-J Page: using the CEFR in Japan (for English)

CEFR-based textbook (Asahi)

School of World Englishes (Chukyo University)  > CEFR-informed writing lesson (2020, with links)

MAGICC-Project (overwiew HP), Standardisation for English writing (MAGICC) 

Links with information about the CEFR (Common European Framework for Reference of Languages)

Download page of the CEFR (Council of Europe)

ALTE (multilingual testing terms)

EQUALS ("our Expertise")

further Links > New Directions 2019 (8./9. Dec. 2019)

New Directions 2018 (British Council)

about New Directions (BC, Japan)

query "Academic writing" (in Teaching English)

Research cooperation (BC), Jap.-Brit. (renkei)

Mixed methods research (Cambridge Studies in Language Testing 43)

MUET (Malaysia University Entrance Test), CEFR alignment (New Straits Times)