> Semi (2020)-page (as of 21/2/2021, lessons of this course ended, update: 29.1.2022)

4th year writing (国際英語キァリア演習V),Thursday 3h, online & in room 444 (English Wing, autum for half of the group)  

Course Goal: Improving the students skills in academic English and writing a final thesis (4500 words minimum).

Course Outline: This course will help the students to find and reflect on their final exam topic. After finding a working title for the final thesis, we will
(collaborative) improve the written texts and create appealing texts for our readers.

Course procedure:Written drafts will be presented and commented on by other students and by teachers, which leads to gradual improvements of the texts.

class mode: online (via MaNaBo & Zoom, in spring semester) and hybrid: The class will be held both online using Manabo and Zoom, and in room 444 for a smaller group of students each week, not to exceed 7 members. For the first week, we will all be on Zoom, then from week 2 we will try the 1/2 of you in 444, the others on Zoom on the big screen... (text in MaNaBo), from week 7 back to all online

Grading 1.  Each week whatever we do in class will be described on the homepage, and you should complete the assignment within the allotted time period.
2. T
he activities which are done in class each week will be rewarded and reflected in your grade for the semester. 

Please consult the document I handed out in class, about key dates and deliverables this, and next, semester. ­
4. The grading is taking place mainly on basis of the (written) assignments, for the spring term week 13./14. assignment is the major delieverable

Teacher: James D´Angelo (Chukyo-University), Researcher: Alexander Imig 

office hour: Monday 2nd period, Friday 4th period, and by appointment to e-mail, room 413 in 14 gokan (MaNaBo)

Lesson contents: autum 2020 (Semi 2019Semi 2018 as reference) 
No. date planned lesson content  taught lesson content
1 24/9/2020 online lesson (ZOOM): preparing feedback on summer uploads  agreement on peer-reviews, lesson recorded (what is "基準"in English: standard or criteria?), chat as 基準? peer review (until 3. week)
2 1/10/2020 online: teachers feedback (reaction via chat, mostly)/offlime (half of the group). individual tutoring <<<< (only partly recorded = chat), researcher at home reading teachers feedback
3 8/10/2020 writing day upload3week (in class) HW3-upload (until 15.10.)
4 15/10/2020 presentation about Plagiarism (uploaded by mistake to 5th week)
5 22/10/2020 presentation about essentialism & culture (ppt Semi4y5week)
6 29/10/2020 writing day upload6week
7 5/11/2020 individual feedback (ad hoc), (first) topicList (from Uploads5.week)  back to Zoom for all, upload7a (in class) upload7b until Friday (6/11/2020)
8 12/11/2020 individual feedback with written preparation, e.g. mindfull, trade, survey (Intercult. comm., Crazy Rich A. 650-777)  Zoom-Recordings (Transcription 12-11-2020) upload8 until 19/11/2020 (12h)
9 19/11/2020 writing day 
10 26/11/2020 first draft for all due (MaNaBo schedule) > 1.draft2020 (AI-comments) only few inclassUpload (one student diff.)
11 3/12/2020 writing day, some minor consultations (recorded), 11wClassupload, Polishupload
12 10/12/2020 first group comes to class (kyomuka hand in)
13 17/12/2020 official end (教務課の提出, on paper?), second group comes to class, presentation guidlines (Jim, on the basis of 2019) and Qs of students before presentation downloads: 12&13sotsuronfinal (1 text has to be excluded )
14 14/1/2021 final presentations (1) 14pptsWeek14
15 21/1/2021 final presentations (2), Amisch (WpPenv.Deitsch) 15pptsWeek (download)
CEFR & SDG (4) Links (CoE)

Lesson contents: spring 2020  
No. date planned lesson content  taught lesson content
1 7/5/2020 1. assignment (MaNaBo, until 11/5/2020) <<<<<<<<<<<
2 14/5/2020 Zoom-Session > VUCA World: Text (Blog) & Power Point Presentation 1. Zoom Session
3 21/5/2020 about writing experiences, comments on writing samples (3 Persons) <<<<<<<<<
4 28/5/2020 comments on writing samples (teacher, researcher), topic for final thesis 2. Zoom session: about CEFR (ppt)
5 4/6/2020 Mindmaping (link) and from there Diskussions in groups (Zoom)  3. Zoom session:
6 11/6/2020 more Input in Mindmapping, Discussion of Mindmaps in Groups 4. Zoom session:
7 18/6/2020 Intro. Research Questions (RQs): Jim ppt 5. Zoom session: write RQs and upload
8 25/6/2020 Discussion of Research Questions in thematic groups (breakout) 6. Zoom session: rewrite RQs
9 2/7/2020 RQs: Example UX: Interaction Desgn Foundation, Student shall upload modified ppt   7.Zoom session
10 9/7/2020 ppt Presentations (1) 8. Zoom session, recorded interaction (& Transkription?) upload in advance
11 16/7/2020 ppt Presentations (2) 9. ZOOM session
12 23/7/2020 use of Google scholar, last Zoom (?)
13 30/7/2020 upload of sources
14 Introduction: explanation & discussion
15 Introduction: upload of draft