> Semi (2019)-page (as of 16/4/2019)

4th year writing (国際英語キァリア演習V),Thursday 3h, room 444 (English Wing)  

Course Goal: Improving the students skills in academic English and writing a final thesis (4500 words minimum).

Course Outline: This course will help the students to find and reflect on their final exam topic. After finding a working title for the final thesis, we will
(collaborative) improve the written texts and create appealing texts for our readers.

Course procedure:Written drafts will be presented and commented on by other students and by teachers, which leads to gradual improvements of the texts.

Grading 1.  Attendance is required. If you are unable to come, please make an appointment to visit my office another day, and also check the assignments on Manabo, and this homepage.
2. Ea
ch week whatever we do in class will be described on the homepage, and you should complete the assignment within the allotted time period.
3. T
he activities which are done in class each week will be rewarded and reflected in your grade for the semester. 

Please consult the document I handed out in class, about key dates and deliverables this, and next, semester. ­
5. The grading is taking place mainly on basis of the (written) assignments, for the spring term week 13./14. assignment is the major delieverable

Teacher: James D´Angelo (Chukyo-University), Researcher: Alexander Imig 

office hour (Jim): Monday 10am to 1pm

Lesson contents (fall term 2019) > Semi 2018 (as reference) 
date planned lesson content  taught lesson content
(1) Sept. 26. feedback about Summer Homework <<<<<, How to judge papers in class/homework upload
(2) Oct. 3. in class writing <<<<??? (ask Jim) in class/homework upload (TopicList 2-10)
(3) Oct. 10. Finding one's position <<<<< in class/homework upload 
Oct. 17. no class
(4) Oct. 24. about timetable, in class writing <<<<<<< in class ("13-students")/homework upload
(5) Oct. 31. question about turnitin (US), Mediation strategies (see also Journal)  after class (Topiclist 5-11-2019) writing & individual counceling in class in class(31-10uploadsInclass)/homework upload
(6) Nov. 7. upload everything thru Part II, Citing and avoiding plagiarism (ppt) <<<<, writing & individual counceling in class in class/homework upload
(7) Nov. 14. thick description & anecdotal evidence, questionaire upolad <<<<, writing & individual counceling in class in class/homework upload(7Hw)
(8) Nov. 21. Language Mediation (ppt-presentation) in class(WsInclass8)/homework upload(WS8Hw)
(9) Nov. 21. 5th period Make-up class
(10) Nov. 28. Full thesis thru Part III (including Conclusion and References)
Dec. 5.
(11) Dec. 12. feedback until 12/11, Discussion in class >lastweekHw 11WSinClassUpload, 
(12) Dec. 19. Final Thesis Due to kyomuka 12/12 - 12/19 (4pm) <<<<<
(13) Jan. 9. Final Presentations 1/9 3th... <<<<<<
(14) Jan. 9. and 5th perios <<<<<< 14WSfinalUpload, final pres.ppt2
(15) Jan. 16. final class (Presentation) <<<<< final pres.ppt3, EndTopicList11-2-2020.doc

Lesson contents (spring term 2019) > Semi 2018 (as reference) 
date planned lesson content  taught lesson content
(1) April 11. introduction & text writing sample about the teaching of the Seminar upload until (18.4.2019, 10h), MediationSmple1a/b 
(2) April 18. about writing experiences and topic of the final thesis <<< 2. assignment (= 2.as) 
(3) April 25.  CEFR for scaffolding (academic writing): 日本語 , English  <<< first pairwork (3. as.), than (short) presentation by researcher upload until 9/5/2019
(4) May 9.  Find resources, for Topics (4. as)  <<<< Topics for 卒業論文 upload until 16/5/2019 (4 as.)
(5) May 16. Samples & Judgement, Brainstorming with Mind Meister (5. as.) in class assignment: upload without changes (only name added) upload (5.as.)
(6) May 23. developing Mindmaps & start with RQa student translated the assignment (why?) uploading power point abouts RQs
(7) May 30. Feedback about RQs
(8) June 6. RQs (2), Continue with topic list (TL) & References (4. week)  (fist?) Topic List 6-6-2019
(9) June 13. beginn with Introduction: research purpose as starting point << (rev.) text: narration & inquiry, in class upload:
2 Qs to Partner (9.in clas as.)
upload answer to 4Qs until 27/6/2019 (9.Hw-as.)
(no class)
(10) June 27. Presentation: Research Interest(s), Intertexutality , CEFR
metaphor (WpE) 
<<< in class upload, guidelines for presentation (after Q in writing: "SotsuronPrzei1") HW-upload
(11) July 4. Topic presentations (1. round)
(12) July 11. Topic presentations (2. round)
(13) July 18.,3h Introduction-writing (1): individual Feedback
(14) July 18.,5h Introduction-writing (2): individual Feedback English abilty test (Weblio)
(15) July 25. Introduction-writing (3): individual Feedback, final evaluation