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Using English as an International Language (E.I.L.),Thursday 2.h, room 15B 

Course Goal: Improving your skills at international communication in English, through background knowledge of various countries and international organizations. Also Research of information in the Internet and presentations skills will be developed in this seminar.

Course Outline: For Japan, English is not used inside the country like countries such as Singapore, India, Jamaica or Nigeria. For Japanese, English is used mainly as an international language. To be able to communicate with people from many countries, you must have a good “educated” command of English to express yourself clearly. But to avoid misunderstandings, you also need to know other cultures and how people think about various things. How is the way they “look at the world” different from Japanese? We must be careful not to stereotype, but there are large differences between cultures. For ‘Expanding Circle’ users of English such as Japanese, EIL and a new research area called “English as a Lingua Franca” (ELF) are helping us learn what really happens in such meetings, and how people successfully communicate.

 In this seminar we will study a different country and international organization every two weeks, focusing on attitudes of people about a range of fundamental areas of life. Each student will do a short 5-minute ミニ発表 every other week (隔週). In the second week for each country, we will discuss one of the topics from the previous week more deeply. 

Countries and Organizations 

Spring Term: Asia and Europe: Japan, China, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland,  Turkey, European Organizations (esp. European Union and European Council)

Fall Term: Asia and the World: India, South Korea, Egypt, New Zealand, USA, South-Africa, International Organizations (esp. UNO)  

Mini-Presentation Topics: (Depending on number of students)

Background Study (“Facts”)Geography, Historical Background (overview and Early Modern Era 1850-1945), Politics Leaders (1946-present), Economy and Trade. Language Policy

Thinking and Attitudes (“Culture”) Food and Drink, Sports, Fashion/Style, Work & Business, relations of Men and Women, Music/Entertainment, Ceremonies/Religion, Diversity of people

office hour: room 517 in the kenkyuu-to, office hour: Tuesday 17.00-18.00 > see also this link about the office hour, Mail adress: imigalexander (at) hotmail.com   


Lesson content (winterterm 2013/2014) 
date planed lesson content  teached lesson content
September 26. presentations about Turkey (1 + 2) presentations about Turkey (1 + 2), exchange students  Turkey-history: Turko-Mongol (WpEng) 
October 3. outline of the seminar, Introduction to wprld survey values outline of the seminar, pairwork 
October 10. lesson cancelled
October 17. presentations about Turkey (WP), Turkish dawn (op.demo.) presentations about Turkey (3,4,5)
October 24. presentations about Turkey (6,7,8) presentations about Turkey (6,7,8), Audio-recordings Party: when??? > Forum
October 31. preparation for "India" Presentations,  about: Arts, Religion and Tourism in Turkey, Researching  preparation for "India" Presentations,  about:  Religion and Tourism in Turkey, Researching, Party 
November 7. discussion and presentations about Turkey and India discussion and presentations about Turkey
November 14. presentations and research about India India: Geography and History
November 21. presentations about India India: Politics and Sports
November 28. presentations about India India: Economy, Work and Gender relations US: Thanksgivukah
November 29. presentations about India India: Languages, Environment, Gandhi, Food Room: 1-4A
December 5. presentations about India, OECD better life index  Audio-Recording: (Question)"What is important for your live?" India: Religion, Diversity of people Indicator constructing (Handbook)
December 12. personal better life index: (klick to Moodle-forum page) presentations about India and the USA creating personal better life index in the Moodle-Forum, India: Arts and Tourism
December 19. presantations about the USA presantations about the USA: History/Politics and Diversity of People/Language(s)
January 9. 2014 values and communications in EIL
World values (presentation and discussion) index of power resources by Tatu Vanhanen, ethnic nepotism (WpE),
January 16. communications in EIL communications in EIL (presentation and discussion)

Lesson content (summerterm 2013) 
date planed lesson content  teached lesson content
April 11. 2013 cf. handout:  (short personal) introduction and introduction to the seminar (dict.com), Countries and Topics List, short model presentation (Germany, ppt)   cf. handout and plan Moodle Login and upload expectations
April 18. 2013 Countries and Topics List, presentation and searching the net > working time (Google), WP engl.    Cf plan, list of presentators about Japan (login required) prepare presentation
April 25. 2013 presentations about Japan 5 presentations about Japan (this sequence):  history, Language, Tourism, Fashion, Art (colleague visit) 
May 2. 2013 presentations about Japan  (colleague visit, from the beginning)  3 presentations about Japan (work, religion, food) discussion:
  • cultural concepts, ex. pagan
  • scientific approach: citation
read presentations again, prepare discussion
May 9. 2013 discussion about Japan and feedback, writing sth. in the forum (Link)  discussion about presentation, determine presentations about China (by lot and amidakuji )
list of presentators 
writing sth. in the forum (Link) 
May 16. 2013 presentations about China (1-5) presentations about China (1-5), short feedback (AI)  writing sth. in the forum (Link) 
May 23. 2013 how to give feedback about a presentation > handout   handout, talking in pairs about giving feedback, Presentation about China: religion + philosophy upload ideas for giving feedback
May 30. 2013 presentation(s) and giving feedback (as developted)  presentation and discussion (counterfeit consumer gods, one child policy, sports)
June 6. 2013 criteria for grading presentations, presentations about China  last presentations about China, discussion about grading criteria  uploading criteria
June 13. 2013 criteria for grading presentations > Rubric (download), preparing Belgium  Belgium about Belgium prepared >  list of presentators , Feedback about past presentations and their quality  preparing presentations about Belgium (esp. 1-4)
June 20. 2013 Forstering Feedback (download), Presentations on Belgium presentations about Belgium: History, Politics (2,3) (first) Audio-recordings 
June 27. 2013 presentations: 3 (economy), 4 (Language) presentations: Geography,3 (economy), 4 (Language)
July 4. 2013 setting agenda for discussion about (internat.) language policy, 3 presentations about Belgium
and Feedback (Forstering Feedback-method from 6/20 on) (No. 2) 
2 presentations about Belgium: Sports and Fashion  upload feedback sheet (URL)
(second) Audio-recordings
July 11. 2013 presentations about Belgium 3 presentations about Belgium (food, work, music) 
July 18. 2013 about students research (worksheet download), EIL in Europe, Fostering feedback (No.3)     about students research (worksheet download), EIL in Europe (short lecture) 

additional Links: 

China: historicial Maps of China (Chinafolio)