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中京大学国際教養学部2年生演習3・4 (2019/2020)
火曜日4限 (14.55-16.25), in: 43J

異文化コミュニケーション/Intercultural Communication (IC)


現代世界の大きな特色は、グローバリズムの進展と拡大です。環境問題、移民問題、経済協力等、様々な分野でグローバルなアプローチ が必要です。そ
One of central features of our time is the increasing globalization. Environmental issues (e.g. global warming), migration or economic globalization can only be understood within a global framework. For the understanding of such a global framework the research of intercultural communication is essential.
> The students are able to express considerations about Intercultural Communication in language. 学生は異文化コミュニケーションについて反省が表せます。 
異文化コミュニケーションとプレゼンテーションの仕方については詳しく説明します。そして学生は、調査の結果をプレゼンテーションします。その後はイン ターネットでテーマごとに調査 します。After some introductive considerations about IC and presentations, the students will be able to reflect about their experiences in IC in (short) presentations.    
授業の参加態度(60%) レポート(40%)
The students not going abroad will get the opportunity to collect some data in Japan and research about IC in the Japanese context. 
The students should follow the news and learn about Intercultural Communication in various countries. 

オフィス アワー > 火曜日1 時半から2時半まで (八事学舎の研究室517で)
連絡先 > imigalexander  @  hotmail.com

後期2019の授業 (winter term 2019/2020)
planned lesson content (English) 授業の内容 (日 本語) taught lessen content 宿題/ homework etc. /その他
1 2019/9/24 what would you do, if...? Language choices (B)  自己実現理論 (Wp) <<<< Text-Reading
2 2019/10/1 Language investment & Text (Utopia....,Blog)
<<<< beautiful orange (Google) uploading: Language investment (feedback)
2019/10/8 (no class, Conference in Portland)
3 2019/10/15 Language, Culture & Research (ppt) Discussion about text of Students (not all!), ppt: Semi 15-10 Upload: "OurLinguaCulture" (29.10.,8h) 
2019/10/22 (no class,  public holiday)
4 2019/10/29 OurLinguaCulture (2): presentation or language culture (Blogpost, 22.10.2019) >> 箇条書きの問題 (Problem of composition), 母語でもある Language, Culture & Research (ppt, once again, 15.10.) upload until 5.11.2019 possible
5 2019/11/5 OurLinguaCulture (2): presentation or language culture (Blogpost, 22.10.2019) <<<<< Presentation and (oral) feedback and language culture presentation for 2 persons (7th lesson) , feedback (1) for one presentation 
6 2019/11/12 language mangement in education (brain gain) (eg.Philippines), thick description  厚い記述 (Wp) individual feedback
7 2019/11/19 presentation & feedback (my lingua culture) <<<< until slide 8 (from 12, Graph Slide 11 not done) upload of feedback form
8 2019/11/26 1x upload (!), mediator of cultures (3 lang.) presentation with more Japanese elements   understanding of graph
9 2019/12/3 presentation upload (?, no), well-being, culture & traditions: Eudaimonia, Happiness, wealth >  国富論 (Adam Smith), 幸福 (WpJ) talk about the graph, culture & happiness (part of blog as text, reading & discussion), savor # 味わう (transl.) answering 3 questions (E/Jap)
10 2019/12/10 "Invention of Happiness" (Blog) for << 基本的な概念と引用 (用語集) 3 questions & writing ideas
11 2019/12/17 Writing (and researching), Revision of Blogtext 本の批評 "Stamped from the beginning" beginning of text-revision & discussion: Languages & emot. (Gua)  2 (short reviews of sources)
12 2019/12/24 Christmas in Germany  << talk to Peter (1)
13 2019/12/24 check of writing review talk to Peter (2) upload: Qs & Feedback
14 2020/1/7 Qs & Feedbacks, preps for Spring vacation sent (via Mail):
answer (per Mail)
15 2020/1/14 writing for Spring vacations: global warming, Money Heist (WpE): Ursula Corbero, Guardian-article (3/4/2020) コーパスの分析(日本語), 気候変動 (Wp)

前期2019の授業 (summer term 2019)
planned lesson content (English) 授業の内容 (日 本語) taught lessen content 宿題/ homework etc. /その他
1 2019/4/8 Questionnaire about Language use + experiences (AI: "polite but shitsurei") アンケート, 失礼 = 暴言 (Google) <<< first with partner, than plenary
2 2019/4/16 "working with texts" in the seminar ("TextS") 文章について (「議事録のモデル」) <<< "TextS" presentation & (almost no) discussion Wikipedia (住まいについて), Newspages
3 2019/4/23 Working with texts, Newspages, Wikipedia (short presentations), Why intercultural comm? グループ発表(の準備?), 異文化コミュニケーションなぜ?(マイント・マイスタ?) 
4 2019/5/7 short presentation about "home-town" 故郷についてプレゼンテーション(4) <<<<  4 (of 5 presentations) about culture (including teacher) 
5 2019/5/14 Evaluation of presentations (MindM),  fifth  presentation, po/opo (Google)  故郷についてプレゼンテーション <<< followed lesson-outline, Text: "polite lies" (until 28/5/2019)     upload References (until 21/5/2019, 14h) 
6 2019/5/21 Evaluation of presentations (Google),  in & out elevators (?) learner-pages (LM)
プレゼンテーションの評価 <<<<  followed lesson-outline, Mind-Meister account  read text
7 2019/5/28 text: "Polite lies", 1. impression 文章の感想 ("white lies") <<<<  followed lesson-outline (Homework different)  4 keywords and upload
8 2019/6/4 text: "Polite lies", 対語がない社会: 1 (中島), 2 (Amazon) <<< lesson outline: 議事録used&translated (Minutes) for an explaination about the text   
short essay about text ("text critique") or
9 2019/6/11 thorough text-work (polite lies) in groups エッセーのアップロードの可能 group work upload (16.6.2019,9h), Essay upl.
10 2019/6/18 Siestar (event), how to do Text-feedback (?)
high/low context cultures, 
文章の修正 (?), 高・低文脈文化 (WpJ)  << lesson outline, modell text revision ("politetexts3.doc"),
upload in class, check with teacher  
looking up keywords
11 2019/6/25 gender diff. language (WpE), 留学生のプレゼンテーションの提案 << lesson outline keyword upload
12 2019/7/2 keyword2 (low/high) future refute-essay 高・低文脈文化のエッセー << lesson outline upload Qs & Feedback
13 2019/7/9 MindM: Pres.1 & Pras 2 for Feedback   海外課題研究のテーマについてプレゼンテーション (1) upload Feedback
14 2019/7/16 MindM: Pres.1, 2 & Pres 3 for Feedback  海外課題研究のテーマについてプレゼンテーション (2) upload Feedback
15 2019/7/23 Feedback & outlook for next semester  (MM) 後期の授業について (afterwards): critical incidents (you tube) Draft for summer Essay (upload)