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Links to the Presentation of Alexander Imig, at the Conference "Political Communication", in Dubrovnik

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History of National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics (Table of content)

Leaking territories (Perfomance outside the container)


World SSH Net (Social Sciences)

World Englishes (Non Territorial Linguistics 1)

Superdiversity (Non Territorial Linguistics 2, Babylon)

Stichweh: Inclusion (Project: Researchgate)

MAXQDA (HP) > Training (EERA, see also 31) > own project (Kakenhi)

SSRN (HP), about (WpE)

Open research area, social sciences (DFG, etc.)

ZIF for Networking > Proposal (2020/2021)

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Political Communication (29.-31.5.2019, in Dubrovnik)

Systhemstheory & Critical theory (see also Ref.)

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ELF without English (Innsbruck 2017) > pdf of presentation (download) 

Mehrsprachigkeit (Innsbruck 2016)