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Texting in English as an International Language (E.I.L.),Thursday 4h, room 06C 

Course Goal: Improving the students skills in international (written) communication in English, through writing and comparing various (written AND oral) genres.

Course Outline: This course will help the students to find and reflect on their final exam topic. After finding a working title for the final exam, we will
(collaborative) improve the written texts and create appealing texts for our readers.

Course procedure:Written drafts will be presented and commented by other students and by teachers, which leads to gradually improvements of the texts.

assessment: texts (40%) lesson-participation (30%) online-participation (30%)

office hour: room 517 in the kenkyuu-to, office hour: Tuesday 17.00-18.00 > see also this link about the office hour, Mail adress: imigalexander (at) hotmail.com   


Lesson contents (winter term 2014/2015)
date planned lesson content  teached lesson content
September 25. timeline until the end of the course, short feedback about uploading, Discussion about writing,
discussion about the future English use (handout prepared)  
Discussion about procedure of the course (3 times Double Blocks, 30 min individual coaching) and evaluation of last semester, 4 individual mentoring 
October 2. timeline until the end of the course (after kyomuka confirmation), Discussion about the future English use (9/25 prepared handout use)   as planed, except one change: presenting about the English use of the partner (recorded), schedule for 10/16 double lesson 
October 9. short presentation (teacher) and discussion about 10 uploaded texts, form for 10/16 long presentation (teacher) about texts, with comments of the studends, time schedule for 10/18 (download here), upload of a ew text  (until 10/16, 8.30h)  checklist (for the students) would have been good
October 16. double lesson with individual feedback (15 minutes)  next upload until 11/5 (12.25h)
October 23. checklist for improvment and editing checklist and text as reference, than individual mentoring (3 Persons) 
October 30. preparations for double lesson (11/6), textsample for explaining references and citations  time schedule for double lesson (download here) students not in the time schedule are supposed to write me a mail!
November 6. double session (see time table) double session according to time table (one extra student)
November 13. feedback double session, time schedule until semester end, slightly changed edit-check (2), prepared handout for discussion of writing process lecture and (short) discussion about writing process (only plenary), time schedule for double lesson 11/27  (1) preparing discussion with partner
November 20. time schedule for double lesson 11/27 (2), recorded discussion about writing process (with partner)  time schedule for double lesson 11/27 (download here)
November 27. double lesson (with printouts, schedule above) double lesson (with some frictions)
December 4. preparation for last lesson and release of final thesis, style sheet for 1.page (Link) time schedule for printing out final paper (Link)
December 11. printing out of the final thesis (see time schedule)

Lesson contents (summer term 2014)
date planned lesson content  teached lesson content
April 10. Information about Login and Questions about writing (text) experineces answered in (randomly choosen) pairs log in, assignment until 4/18
April 17. basic Genre-principles: Inquiry and Narration (text), Topics
 (wrps: 16, 18/19), Stories about culture 
basic Genre-principles: Inquiry and Narration (text), Topics (wrps: 16, 18/19), Stories about culture (3 or 4 keywords) 
April 24. Moodle proceedings,
comments (peer-review):texts of the first assignment
Moodle proceedings, (first) texting
(writing check1):texts of the first assignment
2. assignment (until May 7.), 3/4 keywords,
May 1. Talk (plenary, then pairs) about (written) text or culture brainstoriming (culture), then (recorded) talk in pairs
May 8. pair-review: texts 2. assignment, thema sentence, outline of  >>>>>> a text, Research paper writing: p.32/33, 37 reading about text-outline: 39, 42/43
May 15. what are possible final exam texts? > topic, outline, structure list of possible topics (first list), thesis and outline reading: the structure of a research paper
May 22. talking about an outline (1), with a partner (recorded) >>> + 30 mim. individual question-time 3. assignment (outline) until June 4.
May 29. genres: wrting and speaking, re-entry of 5/22 talk,
list of possible topics (vers.2)
>>> + 30 mim. individual question-time 3. assignment (outline) until June 4.
June 5. discussion of the 3. assignment: all (13) outlines judging the outlines = outline checklist  (writing check2) resubmition for 6 students 
June 12. introducing 4. assignment: my opinion, comments to outlines >>>individal brainstorming (upload until 6/13) 4. assignment (until June 26)
June 26. 6/19. lesson > 7/17,  road map until end discussion (in pairs, recorded), question-time 
July 3. review of the 4. assignment (in pairs), criteria for review  about the 4. assignment
July 10. how to cite a source: examples and rules (wrps: 120-123) >>> indivudual feedback (esp. returned students) uploading 5. assignment
July 17. (short) about writing blocks, (ling) fifth assignment (double lesson) individual feedback on the texts (see: topics 5) uploading 6.,7.,8. assignment